“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

February 20, 2013

I must admit the photo today was not taken by me….but my friend, Hannah Reagan. It was too good not to share and it still counts since it was on my camera. (Hehe)

I was sent out in Elizabethtown and Mount Joy area today in search of buildings and architecture to take pictures of for a project I am doing in my computer arts class. Driving down Market Street everyday I never noticed the beauty around me. I live around beautiful country side. Farms, 100 year old houses and factories.

Sure, there is a Burger King or a Dunkin Donuts blocking the view a little but the beauty is still there. Just open your eyes and look around.

Hakuna Matata,


PS – I meant falling….not failing in my original title name…long day.


One thought on “Free-Falling

  1. Alexa – you DO live within a beautiful countryside. I was reminded of that when you drove me to E-Town at Christmas. Now you know why I was getting so excited during our scenic drive! 🙂

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